Serving Our Community

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Here you can learn more about ways in which we are involved with our community.


Since February 2015 we’ve been a collection point for Foodbank in Shapinsay. We’re really delighted to report that we do very well as a community – the basket fills up real quick! Thank you for your generosity and thoughtfulness!

The next time you’re in, please consider donating items such as: cereals, jam, tinned tomatoes or pasta sauces. Any non-perishable food stuffs and/or toiletries would be much appreciated. The green Foodbank basket is in the lobby of the church but if you don’t go, then please feel free to contact any elder. Thank you for helping us to support the poorest and neediest in the Orkney community!


The Shapinsay congregation is proud to announce that this summer we’ve become an eco-congregation. We’re at a very early stage of developing work in this area but we do a number of things already – we have installed the air-to-air heating for example. So far we have registered which is a statement of intent. Now we’re looking at a church health check and, based on that, we’ll decide on the next steps. We’ll update you on our progress here.


We’ve got a good team in the Shapinsay kirk. The Session has 9 members (group photo to come)

  • Caroline Bird (church secretary)
  • Jimmy Eunson
  • Sheila Garson (treasurer)
  • Jim Hepburn
  • Marjory Kent (co-opted member)
  • Dorothy Laird
  • Rev Julia Meason (minister)
  • Kenny Meason (Session Clerk)
  • Ian Tait.

[U1] We get great support from the mums leading Sunday Club and helping with the Holiday Club. They are an important part of the team too!

The elders have all got their districts they visit regularly and the minister calls past as required. If you’d like a visit, please contact any one of us. We’d love to see you!


We are all on a journey. To help develop the spiritual dimension of it, we have weekly worship services in our kirk and occasional Bible studies (please see the News section for dates and times). You are more than welcome to come to those.

In addition to that we’re hoping to develop a series of pilgrimage walks around Shapinsay. If you’d like to help us with that, please contact the minister. More coming soon!